What Happens in The Street

it’s been a long time since I’ve been up and about on the streets with my camera for any duration.. mostly local... close proximity to where i am.

the other day no different, but that i went to harlem to walk around, to feel the goodness and vitality of walking in the fresh air.. camera with me...not expecting much of anything but to feel the joy of being out in the universe

what happens on the street is always these wonderful anecdotal moments with short, but meaningful engagements with people.. Life...

this lovely woman was sitting in her chair.. taking in the unlikely warmth on a winters days... you could hear birds chirping in the sky above... if you closed your eyes you would think it was april.. but it’s december....

i knew she was quite old but her skin looked so young. and there was something magnetic about her... i went up to talk with her..... 102 years Old! she has outlived her two sons... came from Georgia many years ago... and has a 60 year old Grandson! even told me she has a bf! a smile.. a chuckle... a twinkle in her eye..... and in me..... a few shots and off i go