In Strength

The hand of my mother on the left.. a few months before passing, pretty much stuck to her bed.. holding the hand of Grace… a person my father brought into our lives as a family.. from Shanghai, China.. she was their tour guide and became a friend.. pen pals.. so much so my dad fought and got the help of congresswoman Nita Lowey to bring her here to the United States.

He found her a place to live.. put her through college.. she obtained her CPA and MBA and since then has her her life change dramatically and those of her family bc of this opportunity… what a legacy!

Long sotry.. but she is like my sister.. became a US citizen… has been here for 30 years.. and through so much with my family.. the highs,. the lows.. the celebrations and sorrows..

but now she is preparing to go back to Asia.. mb for good.. i do not know. because she too has been unwell.. im ver saddened to have her go…

but the strength of those two hands together ..remind me of the srength also inside of me.. and how grateful i am to have had such loving and strong women in my life..

and i guess both japan and china are waiting for me too….