grandma’s last cookie

Grandma’ s Last Cookie

my grandmother has been gone for atleast 45 years !!! yet here remains entombed her very last cookie........ oatmeal ... in a glass box found on a shelf in her home.

always when you walked into her apartment in NYC there was a plate of oatmeal cookies on the dining room table, for her adoring husband, but more importantly for anyone that happened to stop by and visit.. ( she was always wanting her three sons and grandchildren to come visit- which we often did on whole early childhood)

My brother, the forever curator upon cleaning out her space together said to me..." I’m going to save grandmas last cookie"... and we put it in this box.. Brilliant! and here all these years later when I’m at his home i look at it and it brings back so many memories.. and amazes me that it has not disintegrated.. and still remains

we all have so many shared memories... momentos that remind us.. make us feel warm inside..... as we dismantle my parents home i think what i might want to retain.. what to rid.. i am at a stage of life where I’m trying to clean out a bit.. minimize... keeping that which matters to me.. not based just on value.. but meaning...

what kind of items do you have that do that for you?? i have my mothers big elton john style glasses sitting on a book shelf, my dads watch right next to it.. what i wonder are the items of my own my son will feel that way about? saying to himself.... this is my mom.

today is sunday.. always a day that feels different from the rest of the week.. quietude and nesting in the home or yard.. or out exploring or doing anything that separates it from the rest of the week... 

tonight... dinner.. the museum the wonderful curator that had the vision and foresight to save grandma’s last cookie